The Nursery School has space for 20 children ages 1-6 years. The children are divided into two groups according to age where age appropriate play and activities are offered between 7:30 and 16:30. Three full-time teachers are employed and will be supported by paid assistants, interns, and volunteers (ie, parents).
An additional fee of 30-80 € (depending on the income of the parents) will be charged.

Educational Priorities

"The Coloured World of Kids" is a colorful and diverse world in which every family has its own biography, lifestyle and expectations. We respect the individuality of each family whose children are in our care and desire to support the parents for optimal growth and development of each child. It is a place that will encourage the children to learn to be responsible, tolerant and to become people who deal with conflict and are prepared for life in a multi-cultural society. Our education plan follows the requirements of the Berlin educational program. We understand education is a lifelong process that begins with birth. For this process to occur dialogue with other children and adults is required. “The Coloured World of Kids”, always oriented towards the needs of the children, is a place where diverse experiences and expressions are encouraged as the children learn, play and relax.


Especially important to us is the teaching of Christian values in accordance with the protestant faith. Faith provides guidance and support, especially in a large and busy city like Berlin. Starting at a young age, children can become familiar with God through Christian stories, songs, rituals and festivals. Once a week, there will be a time offered for the children to explore the Christian faith. It is important to us to respect the ideological stance of each family; therefore, Christian values will not be forced upon anyone, but will be presented in a loving, open manner.


We offer children the opportunity to learn additional languages in a playful, creative way appropriate for children. Bilingualism should be encouraged from the beginning. German and English will be equally offered. The immersion in other languages will be made possible by teachers communicating entirely in their mother tongue, English, while also understanding German. It applies the principle "one person - one language". If there is a demand, the Spanish language will also occasionally be offered. In the spirit of valuing and relating to other cultures and languages, the mother tongue of the children will be respected.


Creativity is highly valued and important. Children are given a variety of options to express themselves as they seek to understand their reality and to handle everyday situations. Art and theater educators in the community will also play an important role.

Space Concept

The educational impact of the rooms will reflect our overall concept of diversity, openness, freedom, and security because interior design is crafted reality. We want to offer the children differently designed rooms to stimulate their senses and to allow for different experiences. The rooms, in their color, lighting and furnishings, are designed to promote initiative, guidance, communication, social harmony and physical experiences. There are different stations created in the rooms, which are highlighted in color at certain points. There will be blue and green peace and relaxation areas (quiet and reading corners), red activity areas (dining area) and yellow / orange areas of creativity (music station, painting or creative corner). The entrance is inviting and is designed to encourage communication (yellow). The rest rooms will use the blue water element, and the kitchen, the red / yellow fire element. The facility will be designed appropriately for children. Care is taken to ensure that all items related to the children are easily accessible and that the furniture is free of pollutants and durable, mainly made of natural materials such as wood (also used in the flooring).
The rooms of the Nursery School "the Coloured World of Kids" are areas of exploration and discovery for the children, in which they feel completely comfortable. Therefore, the involvement of the children in the design of the rooms is appropriate and desired. The rooms should never be completely done, but should be dynamic and flexible to accommodate for the changing needs of the children.

Parents as Educational Partners

In partnership with the parents, educational and developmental goals will be created and maintained for each child.
In the parent-initiated Kita, "the Coloured World of Kids", close cooperation with parents is an important criterion to achieve the goal of optimal and individual development of the children. Parental involvement is encouraged!