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We are a non-profit organisation and have been adding value to the Berlin district of Weißensee since 2011 with a small bilingual (English/German) Kindergarten. Here, families from different cultural backgrounds can meet and help to create a colourful, appreciative and courageous world for children. Our Kindergarten offers spaces for 20 children from 1.5 to 6 years. Between 7.30 and 16.30 the children are looked after and encouraged according to the guidelines of the Berlin education program. We charge an additional parental contribution of 33 – 88 € (depending on the parents’ income). Thank you for your interest! We encourage you to take a closer look at our lovingly designed and comprehensive programme.

Mission Statement

“The Colored World of Kids” stands for a colourful world in which every family has its own biography, language, lifestyle and expectations. We aspire to respect the individuality of each family of the children we serve, and to accompany and support the child alongside their parents. The Kindergarten is a place that aims to empower children to become responsible, tolerant, and capable of conflict, and to prepare them for life in a multicultural society.

Christian values and beliefs play a guiding role for us. Language means identity for us, the family’s languages should have their place in the Kindergarten and should be audible and visible to everyone. Our bilingual concept organically enables a natural second-language acquisition of the English or German language. With creativity and a variety of well-designed methods, we want to give children the opportunity to understand their world and to express themselves.

More about our concept, our familiarisation process, inclusive work, our participation in the Kita Language Programme and much more can be found here.



Our current project is called Body and Health, where we go on a journey of discovery through our body, discovering our strengths and interests and travelling through to our feelings. What does the heart sound like and can we make music using our heartbeats? What do we need to stay healthy especially in this winter season and what are all feelings out there? We will touch on the different educational areas of the BBP and are excited to see what questions the children ask about the topic and how we can find answers.


The Christmas party will only take place with the children on 18.12. We are looking forward to the buffet provided by the parents. The interactive Advent calendar in December will be organised without the presence of the parents this year. Instead, we will watch a short video about a child every day and get to know his or her nursery, favourite toys and everything that is important to him or her at home.

The year’s verse for 2021: “Jesus Christ says: Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful!” Lk 6:36

2021 is a very special year for us, because we celebrate

10 years of Coloured World! Hallelujah!

We are so happy, proud and blessed to have been able to accompany, support and enrich wonderful families on their life journeys and unique children in their growing up for 10 years. This is only possible thanks to the dedicated staff, who with all their heart and mind make this day care centre a shining light in Weissensee. Thank you for that! To celebrate the year, Miriam has designed a beautiful calendar with children’s sayings, favourite books, creative movement and design ideas and much more! Check it out!

Closing times


Easter: 11. – 14.04.

Extended weekend after Ascension Day: 19.05.

Summer: 31.07. – 18.08.

Extended weekend: 2.10.

Autumn: 23.10. – 03.11. (Kita closed/optional parent duty and internal evaluation)

Christmas: 27.12. – 02.01.24


Children’s book: Ich bin… I am

This book offers kids simple word examples to familiarise themselves with the German or English language. Pre-school relevant topics such as their own identity (who am I and what do I like?), family and friends are explored – themes that can be used as catalysts for further communication. “I am…” is specifically designed for kids coming in contact with the English or German language for the first time for example, in a kindergarten setting and need some basic, self-effective linguistic skills.

This book was cultivated as a course of the government program “Sprachkita – because language is the key to the world”.

Children’s book: Panda, Me and Virus

Staying at home isn‘t easy for Lucy. She would much rather go to her Kindergarten and play with her friends. She goes on the quest for her own answers and meets Panda, Tiger and Virus.

“Addressing the multitude of emotions every child must be facing in these uncertain times, this book will make the COVID-19 lockdown so much more bearable for kids.”

– Shalomie Tewes, Graphic Designer and Content Creator

When our Kita was closed due to the pandemic, we also wondered how we could now help our children process this unusual time in a practical, sensitive and humorous way. That’s when the idea came up to write a story about Lucy who has to stay at home because her Kita is closed. She has her own creative explanations for this situation and as a panda, which does not move much, she sets out to find new answers. With vivid pictures, children’s themes are addressed, for example: a birthday party that is cancelled, grandparents that can no longer be visited and an all-imortant question: can you see when someone smiles behind a mask? The corona experience becomes very tangible and at the end of the book there is space to paint your own virus and fill out a (corona) profile.

The book is bilingual (German and English), just like our Kita. We are happy to pass on copies for 7 € (from 5 copies each book costs 6 €) plus postage, just write us an email:

NEW: we created a small film from the story, and you can watch this for free on YouTube if you search for “Coloured World” or “Panda, me and Virus”.

Do you want to know what’s going on with Lucy and her curiosity and imaginative ideas about Virus? You can find the answer in this small video, in which flying foxes and moths appear and everyday life, changed by Corona, now becomes normal.

Calendar 2021

To celebrate 10 years as a Kita, we created a calendar! Click here to see it.

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